Your guide to understanding the various aspects of debt relief and settlement programs

Credit Debt Relief For Struggling Consumers

It’s hard for many indebted consumers to pinpoint the genesis of their credit-related troubles. Oftentimes, debt problems begin with a single ill-advised purchase that may go unnoticed for many months. The shiny new television that occupies a prominent position on your living room wall may be partially to blame for your current predicament.

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However, it’s foolish to blame your debts on any single purchase. It’s certainly not wise to blame them on your own budgeting skills or financially-reckless behavior. Such “blame games” are liable to cause nothing but grief and second-guessing.

In fact, you’re probably not to blame for your debts at all. With the economy stuck in a low gear, wages are struggling to keep up with the rising cost of things like food and fuel. Chances are good that your debt burden is the result of a valiant struggle to maintain the standards of living to which your family is accustomed.

Once you’ve resolved not to blame yourself for your debt problems, it’s up to you to seek credit debt relief from a reputable source. If you enlist the services of National Debt Relief, you may be able to secure a partial debt cancellation that could save you thousands of dollars.

Don’t listen to those who claim that bankruptcy is the only reliable form of credit debt relief. While it’s true that declaring bankruptcy is a reliable way of reducing or eliminating your debt burden, the process comes at a terrible financial and social cost. Every year, thousands of American consumers lose their cars, homes and prized possessions to bankruptcy.

What’s worse, declaring bankruptcy might set you up for several years of financial difficulty. Even if you’re able to hold on to your most important assets through the bankruptcy process, your life won’t quite be the same after your declaration.

You’ll have trouble securing traditional loans without resorting to predatory payday lending services and may find it difficult to rent a house or get a job. In the end, you’re the only person who can decide whether you’re willing to accept these consequences in order to find credit debt relief.

Fortunately, the consequences of other types of debt relief are less severe. Debt consolidation loans and credit counseling programs are both capable of reducing your credit card debt burden while limiting the damage to your credit score and asset portfolio. As long as you remain faithful to the terms of your payment plan, these methods of credit debt relief will permit you to stay in your home, keep your car and rebuild your life.

Then again, neither method is particularly effective at reducing the overall amount that you’ll owe on your debts. While debt consolidation loans and credit counseling programs may offer lower interest rates and longer repayment terms, they’re not designed to affect your principal balances. Over time, this limits their ability to affect the total cost of your debt burden.

National Debt Relief’s well-regarded program of debt settlement is a different story. Widely recognized as the most effective alternative to bankruptcy, debt settlement may be able to reduce the principal balances on your debts by thousands of dollars. Even better, it can work its debt-fighting magic in just 24 to 48 months.

Finding credit debt relief is easy with debt settlement. Unlike other forms of debt relief, the debt settlement process may actually entice banks, credit card issuers and other creditors to forgive a portion of the unsecured debt facilities that they’ve extended to you. This debt forgiveness power is unrivaled elsewhere in the world of debt relief.

Take the first step towards credit debt relief by picking up the phone and calling National Debt Relief at 1-888-981-4979 to learn about their debt relief programs. You won’t regret it.