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Eight Quick And Easy Tips On How To Get Out Of Debt

Looking for some good tips you can follow to help get yourself out of debt? If so we found an article on that may be just what you’re looking for.

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Give yourself one month to complete these steps—you can do one a week!

Step 1: How much debt do you really have?
It’s time to get real about your debt. Do you know how much living with debt is costing you?

Step 2: Track your spending and find extra money to pay down debt
Time to cut back on the extras. Use David Bach’s Latte Factor® calculator to find big savings where you least expect them! It is time to start paying you.

Step 3: Learn to play the credit card game
Think $10 a day won’t make a big difference in your debt? Think again! With this plan you can pay off $8,000 in credit card debt in just 3 years.
* Note: Step 3 Part 4 has been revised.

Step 4: Stop spending
Making small changes can help in a big way. Use these tricks to help you spend less and save more.

Click this link to finish reading Oprah’s Debt Diet Action Plan.

Want to know if you qualify for credit card debt relief? Visit this link at to start reducing your debt.

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